We offer a number of packages suited to the aerodynamic analysis of your car using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). These are divided into 3 main classes; Competitor, Racer and Champion. These packages will provide you with aeromaps, which help you understand the aerodynamic behavior of your car under various setups in terms of forces. Higher level packages will also provide flow visualization and flow structure analysis, which well help you better understand how the components on your car are behaving. To get a quote, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Our entry level aeromap pack, this is perfect for racers on a low budget looking to better understand how much downforce their car makes, and what it means for lap times. Package includes:

  • A 5 point aeromap from geometry provided by customer, typically three ride heights and full pitch front and rear
  • Access to our basic lap simulator for analysis of performance improvements


This mid range offering is for those looking to get the performance edge over the competition. More cases are included, and additional post-processing to make sure you understand the flow features occurring on your vehicle. Package includes:

  • Competitor pack
  • 2 yaw angle cases (sideslip)
  • 2 roll cases


For those looking for the most serious competitive edge, the champion pack provides a substantial aeromap with 4 parameters of your choosing as well as extensive visual post-processing and flow feature studies. Sample parameters you may choose are front and rear ride heights, roll, front flap angle and rear flap angle. Package includes:

  • 4 Parameter, 25 point aeromap
  • Extensive visualisation
  • Premium lap simulator

Optional Extras

We do, of course, tailor a package to your requirements, nothing is fixed. Here are some optional extras you may want to add to any package.

  • Cornering cases
  • Additional aerodynamic device adjustments
  • Additional specific cases
  • Premium Lap Simulator

Please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form below for a quote or more information.