Current Projects

Thomsen Motorsport Formula Vee

A Formula Vee that we designed a low drag bodywork and undertray setup for. With only a 16% increase in drag, we managed to up the downforce from 3.5kg at 180km/h to a whopping 195kg! All this in a car that only weighs 500kg means an improvement in lap times of 1.6 seconds on a relatively low speed track.


S.R.E. Buggy

This all new off road buggy has been constructed using aerospace design techniques to make it super light weight. As such, it is a prime choice for the implementation of aerodynamic devices. JKF has designed a complete aero kit for this buggy which provides a substantial benefit in cornering, braking and stability in mid air. After removing components of the front aerodynamics package, the driver could immediately feel the understeer, even on a relatively low speed track. This aero kit causes the buggy to land over 5m earlier from jumps than similar vehicles, giving maximum time on the ground!



MC Towing Time Attack Car

Time attack is an aero dominated field, and the only way to claw back time once your suspension and power are sorted is with aero. JKF provides MC Towing with aerodynamic design consultancy to ensure they have a formidable platform, despite their low budget.