Computational Analysis

CFD is essentially a virtual wind tunnel, where different configurations of a car can be tested without ever having to build a physical model. Virtually all top tier motorsport teams use CFD in one way or another, with it having significant dominance in Formula One. There is no doubt of the potential of CFD in improving race cars and finding information that other methods cannot.

Single Seater race car CFD

Aero Mapping

JKF can Analyse straight line performance at different ride heights, as well as different combinations of yaw, pitch and roll. The depth of investigation will depend on your budget, but can also go as far as testing the true cornering and the true braking condition, which are both conditions unable to be achieved in the wind tunnel. The more we understand the aerodynamic performance of your car, the more accurately we can design a package to offer performance where you really need it.

From here we will provide you with the hard numbers in the form of an aero map, which details the aerodynamic performance of your vehicle across all the parameters you elect to investigate. In addition we provide images and video showing the behavior of the airflow around your vehicle, and a detailed report explaining what you are observing and what the effects are.

Design CFD

The other CFD analysis JKF offers is design CFD, in which we can optimise a particular aerodynamic component with multiple CFD iterations to ensure the best possible design before you reach the manufacture stage. Please be mindful that CFD simulations are computationally intensive, and as such expect large lead times.

Undertray CFD Optimisation