A GT86/FRS/BRZ for time attack


With world time attack having just finished, we thought we would take the wraps off our GT86 time attack concept that we produced near the start of the year as part of a playful in-house design competition. The keen of eye may have noticed it as the outline on the back of our business cards and on our home page performance chart, but now we are releasing the first 3D renders of it. Interestingly enough, it seems like we predicted quite a few trends on the time attack cars that were released this year, such as the elevated splitter tips  and centre on the Suzuki, Tilton and RP968 cars, as well as RP968s flanged floorboards and swan neck wing mount.

Time attack FRS from behind

There aren’t many time attack GT86s out there, but their number is growing incredibly rapidly. It is an excellent platform to build on both mechanically and aerodynamically and soon they will be dominating. This vision is a glimpse of what we see as possible, although it still requires more in depth aerodynamic development and is only a design concept at this stage.

Top down shot of the time attack 86 concept

Top down shot of the time attack 86 concept

As you may notice, there is a clear gap at the rear wheels, as well as a little bit of wiggle room at the front. This is to allow for the body of the car to be widened, with the wheels placed as far outboard as possible for maximum mechanical grip. The side diffuser structure is actually designed to be used with the wheel further outboard then currently. The primary diffuser is actually a twin deck diffuser, although we are keeping the details of its internal geometry a well kept secret. That triple element twisted rear wing is also something special, and was rather difficult to get the design right for. Finally, here’s a shot with some shameless product placement:

JKF designed time attack brz

JKF designed time attack brz


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